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Intensive Brand Audit


Do you need a starting point for establishing an effective brand strategy? Brand audits are exclusive to brand re-alignment and rebranding. With our brand audit service, we will review and discuss your position in the market, and the ideal message that you want to convey. Rebranding isn't a new website layout that holds no value, or a new logo design that doesn't resonate with your identity. Rebranding targets your audience and market and scales toward your goals. We will interview who you are, and your brand's purpose.

Brand Audit Inclusions
- One Scheduled 30-6o Minute Intensive Live Zoom Session
- Logo Audit
- Social Media Platform Audit [ Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok ]
- Website Audit
- Brand Packaging and Labeling Audit
- Verbiage Examination
-Questions and Answers