Welcome to our overview of Bold Luxe Design Studio's frequently asked questions. Here we cover the most common questions we get asked about our design services, pricing, and turn around times. There are new questions that come up with every project so if we do not have the answer to your question here, please contact us at anytime. We are excited to provide top quality graphic design services to meet all of your business needs.

1.  How do I place an order for a design service?

     Visit the Shop Our Services tab, select your desired product, read over the product descriptions, additional product information, and legal policy, and add the product to your cart. Complete your order process by checking out using all of your accurate contact information. Your contact information in the order details section of your order receipt must match the contact information entered onto your contract. An order confirmation email and a contract will be sent for signing after your order has been placed. You are required to sign up for a member's account with us to track and view your order, as well as communicate for updates and revisions. An invitation link to sign up for an account and view your order task by Bold Luxe Design Studio will be sent to your email after your order has been placed and reviewed.    

What payment methods do you accept for orders?


        Our checkout payment methods include Wix Payments with your credit or debit card, Paypal, and Sezzle. Sezzle is a buy now and pay later processor and whether you are approved or not depends on Sezzle. All transactions are secured and protected by our processors as well as our legal team. If disputes are opened, you will be subject to legal action by our paid brand lawyer, as well as public exposure across all platforms for fraud. We do not condone in such action.

Do you offer refunds?


        All sales are deemed final and non-refundable. 

Do you accept deposits until designs are finished?

       No partial payments or deposits will be accepted. All orders are due in full.

What is the turn around time? 

       Turn around times are listed under each product. Turn around times vary by desired design service. Please read all product information as well as our policy. During your turn around time, proofs will be sent to you. The revision process may extend your turn around time. You will be notified as well as have the ability to view your order status live on Asana. Turn around times do not include weekends and holidays. Business working days are Monday-Friday only. Please be advised that not all designs will take the full turn around time to be completed. Some orders are completed sooner than expected time frames.

Can my logo branding suite be 2 different logo names/companies?

       No. Logo branding suite is a graphic or text based logo, and a matching sub-mark and alternate logo for the same name/company. 

Do you offer legal licensing, copyright, and trademark services?

       No. Feel free to contact your city and state business administration office to receive information about the legal documents and requirements for your location and brand type. 


 Do you offer other graphic designs that are not listed on your site?

       Yes, please submit a contact form to request additional services. 

Why should I work with Bold Luxe Design Studio LLC?

       A design agency will simplify your life and save you money over time due to our knowledge, experience and expertise in the industry. We keep up with current design and market trends, and help you arrive at the best solution for your business. We help you avoid the costly trial-and-error and unnecessary fees associated with creative projects due to our knowledge of the industry. Also, our experience in the field will enable us to create custom solutions according to your specific needs.

       If you have a unique problem and are not sure what to do about it, talk to us! We love the challenge of creating unique solutions for our clients. Furthermore, we are happy to coordinate directly with printers, web hosting and domain companies, and other agencies – all so you can rest easy while we get the job done.

 What do I need to know before hiring a design agency?  


      Design is a collaborative process – we try our best to understand what you are looking for, but we can’t read your mind! The more specific feedback you can give us, the more we can refine our designs to your requirements. If you “can’t put a finger” why something isn’t working for you, talk to us! Communication is key, and the more we understand you, the better the product we can create for you.

 Can I place a website order if I do not have all of the information needed yet?


      Yes, but your design turn around time may be extended. You must communicate with the designer through the member's app to request an extended time period to submit your website form. The designer will review your request and update you on the approval and availability. However, we have limited our booking slots to ensure that client projects are uniquely designed. 

I do not have a desired theme or concept in mind. Can you freestyle my design?

      Yes. We will communicate with you to help narrow down your desired content, as well as offer the proper marketing and branding advice. However, we will not generate your business name or taglines. Please be mindful of your revision limit.

Question not listed? Please submit a contact form below and a member of our team will kindly get back to your during normal business hours. Please allow up to a 72 hour response time.

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