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Need monthly marketing materials for your business? Create content, plan and schedule ahead of time. This plan is perfect for existing clients who are ready to show up consistently without having to wait for bookings to open, or wait for extended turn around times. Get your content done fast, and stay on brand year round.

Interested in becoming a retainer client?

Join our retainer program below. This program is not for first time clients.

  • Vip Client Retainer

    Every month
    Stand out and convert your dream clients with consistency.
    Valid for 2 months
    • 12 Social Media Content Templates Per Month [3x Weekly Post]
    • 4 Ct Instagram Story Flyer Per Month[1x Weekly Post]
    • 2 Website Banner Designs Per Month
    • 4 Ct Email Stack Per Month[1x Weekly Email Newsletter]
    • Email Setup and Automated Campaign
    • Fast Turn Around Time + Early Content Planning

  • How does this plan work?
    The retainer fee is a monthly design fee. The fee is paid up front each month, and charged automatically. You will be charged $1200 the first month, and $1200 the second month. This retainer service is only valid for a 2 month subscription plan, and may be extended or canceled after your plan has ended. You may choose to cancel your subscription at any time, however, you will be charged for 2 months. Essentially, you are paying for time, and a guaranteed branding package versus a specific service. Based on the retainer package you select, I will block out my schedule with the appropriate amount of hours each month and plan my workload accordingly. You have peace of mind knowing that you will receive a pre-established amount of work each month, without having to worry about what other client projects are ahead of you!
  • Why choose a retainer program?
    You will need design services throughout the year to run a profitable business successfully. If you don't want to hire a full time designer for your business, wait for bookings to reopen, or wait for standard turn around times; this program is for you.
  • What are the benefits of this program?
    You will receive creative content that resonates with your brand in a shorter period of time while saving money on a good investment. We're taking the stress load off of your back and giving you a peace of mind, knowing that you have a guaranteed amount of content created each month for your business. We've sweetened up the retainer deal by adding virtual marketing services with email campaigns. We will create your email campaigns, set up the automations for them, and schedule them to be sent out to your subscribers list weekly. You will pay a set fee each month for the duration of your plan, and you don't have to worry about fluctuating design fees or additional taxes. Retainer clients are top priority. Request and updates are sent within 1 business working day or in most cases, the same day. Additional a la carte services purchased outside of your plan may be rushed without fee for some services. Rush times may vary by project date.
  • What is the Retainer Program's Policy?
    The cost of this plan is $1200 monthly with a 2 month minimum plan purchase. You will be billed automatically $1200 for the first month, and $1200 for the second month. You may cancel or continue services after your second month subscription has ended. You must be copy ready for this program. We will discuss the best approach to take for each client based on their brand needs. If assistance is needed for the copy, please contact us prior to booking. By purchasing this plan, you are agreeing to the terms and services of this policy. You are also acknowledging to have read and understood the retainer's inclusions and FAQ listed on the retainer page.
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