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So happy you're back... It's time to give your


Thank you for choosing Bold Luxe Design as your  brand design agency. This questionnaire was designed for clients who have worked with us in the past and are now ready to update their website's design, and functionality. It's been a while since we've onboarded you for website design. A lot has changed, so let's get straight to the good part.

Why redesign a website?

It's great to rebrand your website to increase traffic, generate more leads, and to add functionality to improve the customer's experience. Just like fashion trends, websites do eventually become outdated and require a face lift.

If you haven't noticed, we've updated our design studio at least 3 times within the last year by adding new products and services, reviewed and made changes to our brand policies, adjusted prices to meet our goals and target audience, and found ways to better communicate our brand's message. We used our past experiences, as well as new methods to improve our storefront and user experience. Your business goals will determine the scale of your website redesign. This is why we're asking to have a deeper discussion about your brand this time around. 

What will be different?

Your website will be up-to-date, usable on all devices, and more comfortable for clients, which means bigger requests and income. The redesign will make your SEO and website more productive. And most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at some inspiration!

Website Design Inspiration