Why Choose Us?

We Prefer Visual Branding & Uniqueness

We take pride in providing great customer service and exclusive design. We believe that there's always a better way to do marketing and to expand your brand; express who you are. We work with businesses of many industries to help them discover their true brand identity, and level up with marketing. Our approach is more valuable, and less invasive. Partnerships and client loyalty are earned, and not bought. We're obsessively passionate about brand design, and brand strategy, and this shows in our work. We focus on retention, consistency, guaranteed sales, and marketable presentation. Our design approach is from a clean and minimalist aesthetic, but we are skilled to go bold, and fun. If simplicity is not your brand style, no worries! We will do what it takes for our clients to be beyond satisfied. 

Bold Luxe Design Studio works with several private design affiliates to help gather and plan great marketing strategies. All challenges are accepted. The most impressive websites, logos, and branding content are rooted in smart design, clear vision, and are backed up by the right resources and technology. Our branding strategy is next level and have proven itself to the market that it in fact, works! How do your customers see you? How do you see yourself? We can assist you with discovering who you are and your brand purpose. We keep the lines of communication open and transparent for design projects. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories. Every project has its own unique goal, vision, and mission. Bold Luxe Design Studio offers an extended network of strategists, creatives, and specialists and they're always eager to engage.

Meet Our Founder
Myeisha S.
Brand Designer | Strategist | Coach


Myeisha began to learn exclusive design techniques in the year of 2006. Hurricane Katrina struck her homet0wn, the city of New Orleans, in 2005 and she was forced to evacuate and move to Texas. Myeisha attended Grimes Middle School where she took a computer class which lead to her attraction and passion for digital design and graphics. When Myeisha received her first desktop computer, she began researching career in graphic design. Over the years she's studied design, and brand image. When asked what was her dream career, Myeisha would always respond with wanting to become a highly skilled graphic designer who specialize in websites, logos, and branding content. She also dreamed of being a hairstylist and one day opening up a beauty store in her hometown.  Over the next few years Myeisha resided with family in Houston, TX. where she finally took the leap of faith to design. She began editing photos using Corel Shop. After weeks of creating cool photos with added animations, texts, and more, Myeisha had an idea! Myeisha connected with friends on Myspace and volunteered to edit their Myspace profiles based on her research of how to animate texts, add falling graphics to homepages, custom music and sounds on page backgrounds, skinny coded minimalist style profiles, and more. That was the start of her career! She moved back to New Orleans with her family, and became a student at McDonogh 35 College Prep. She took computer classes, art classes, and business classes that also helped with her skills in design. She started her first business as a logo and flyer designer. Myeisha was also an at home hairstylist who started a second business selling hair extensions within that same year. After gaining so many clients, it was time to have a fully functional website. With the use of multiple design software, and outside resources, Myeisha was now offering full graphic design services. 

In 2013, Myeisha graduated high school and attended the University of New Orleans. With a major in business, and minor in design, Myeisha was able to take her skills to the next level. It was time to learn professional, high quality design. Myeisha has a thorough understanding and awareness of subtle details that could otherwise be overlooked. Myeisha has worked on and directed projects of many across the U.S.

Myeisha's true passion to apply divine artistry appropriately in the real world is what has kept her operating a successful business. "Graphic Design is everywhere, we eat it, sleep it, and see it 24 hours of the day. On our phones, when we're on the highway taking a road trip, or deciding on the most marketable photo for our profile on Linked In. Your brand image, and identity, its everywhere.", Myeisha once stated.

Though our entire team's identity isn't authorized to share to the public, each member is a hand-picked expert of their specialty. We look for individuals who have not only the skills and experience for design projects, but the passion for uniqueness, value, and exclusivity within one's brand. With multi-cultural backgrounds, talents, and tastes, we collaborate to ensure that we're seeing different angles of your project and using the best technologies and techniques for your specific needs. We consistently drive each other to improve upon our skills and knowledge in order to bring the best we have to our clients, every single day.

Interested in working with us? We'd be happy to assist you!