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It's time to elevate your brand...


Thank you for choosing Bold Luxe Design as your  brand design agency. This questionnaire was designed for clients who are launching a new business, or expanding and rebranding their current business. You've gotten this far, and it will be worth the investment. As a brand identity designer and graphic designer, I want to be clear with my clients about what I do and what it is that they're investing in for a lifetime. Let's dive straight in!

What is a brand? What is brand identity?

A brand is what people think of when they think about your company as a whole. Your brand is influenced by your brand's values, the products and services that you offer, your marketing, and your customer service. Everything that people encounter when they interact with your company adds to their perception of your brand. Branding on the other hand influences this ideal and realistic perception. This is why making the right impression is important. 

Your brand's identity is the set of visual and verbal elements that make up for your brand. Some elements that make up your brand's unique identity is the logo, the typography, the colors, the photography and graphics, the message, and the mission and goals.

Brand Identity Inspiration