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Thank you for choosing Bold Luxe Design as your  brand design agency. This questionnaire was designed for clients who are ready to communicate with their audience via email. Let's get branded!

What is email marketing?

It’s no secret that email and sms marketing is great for business. However, we love email marketing campaigns. They are one of the best ways to stay in contact with your audience who have actively opted in to receive your emails. This allows you to reach your audience directly when you have news to share about your products or services. When you use other forms of promotion, such as social media, you put information out there and then hope the right people will see it. With the new algorithm set up on platforms such as facebook, instagram, and tik tok, we need a better way to directly communicate to our audience against competitors.

Different Types of Email Campaigns

Welcome Subscribers
These email campaigns can be used to say thank you to your customer for subscribing to your email list. It is great to offer a coupon or gift to the customer, especially if they haven't made a purchase yet. Offering a freebie, or at least a 10% off their first pruchase will help convert them into a valuable customer.

Order Confirmation

These email campaigns can be used to say thank you to the customer for their purchase, and issue a receipt for confirmation of their purchase. It is a great idea to customize this automatic email campaign so that it's cohesive and on brand. This adds more security and trust with your brand after the customer has spent their money with you. You wouldn't have to worry about getting messages from your customers asking if you've received their payment.

Cart Abandonment
These email campaigns can be used to reach out to a potential customer who hasn't checked out in your store but have added items to their cart.  Any item that enters the shopping cart but never makes it through the transaction is considered to be “abandoned” by the shopper. You want to make sure that you do not lose this customer so it's a good idea to set up a series of these emails to lock them in. Your first email can mention the benefits of the products or services. Your second email and those after can offer discounts or specials. The goal is to convince them to shop with you before it's too late and they're gone forever.

Standard Newsletters

Keep your customers in the loop about your products or services. With this email type the goal is to communicate with the customer. It doesn't have to always lead to a sale. However, adding cta(call to action) buttons in this email is a great idea for those who just may be interested in shopping with you after seeing you reach out to educate or entertain them.

Promotional Ads
This email campaign type is probably the most popular and familiar to you. The main goal is to get the customers to make a purchase while provoking emotion, and leaving them curious for more goodies. Writing high-converting promotional emails is the key to increasing your email conversions and converting your sales. Great promotional emails include: limited time offers, subscriber vip only offers, sales promotion, exclusive discounts, giveaways, product launch, bundle and save, restock, seasonal campaigns, and more.

Follow Ups
Great for following up with customers who've purchased or reached out to speak with you about their interest in your products or services. It is great to ask for a review as well of their purchase, or experience. Hearing what people are saying about your brand will allow you to grow. Don't just ask about the product review, ask your customers about your customer service, their ordering process, etc.

Win back your customer and build a relationship. Sending emails that go unopened negatively impacts your sender reputation so you want to engage with your customers often without forcing a sale. Our engagement emails are usually short and sweet, without many graphics or banners, and hardly no products. We're usually just dropping in to share some inspiration, and say hello. You can also let customers know what they're missing out on by not clicking your emails.

What should I expect while filling out the form? What are the requirements?

The copy (all desired text and information) must be submitted for your email campaigns. If you would like offer a special or discount for a campaign, add the desired coupon or discount and the code for the customers. The more we know about your desired results of these campaign designs, the better. It would be best to create a word document of your information to have in case you run into any issues while submitting this form. Photos of text desired to use for your copy will not be accepted. If your form has been submitted successfully, you will receive a success message. We will also email you after we have received and reviewed your brand form. Please allow up to 2 working days for your confirmation email. Shall we have any questions or request based on your submission, we will email you. You may not submit any content or photos at a later date unless the designer has agreed to do so.

Unsure of what message to communicate via email?
We've got you covered. Ask us about our copywriting services. We will generate the copy for you based on your goals. Contact us before submitting your form for the best quote. The goal is to boost visibility and credibility with copy that sells.

Email Campaign Inspiration