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Let's Get You Branded


Thank you for choosing Bold Luxe Design as your  brand design agency. This questionnaire was designed for clients who are interested in having a custom landing page designed that will serve as a purpose to convert leads for their business. 

What is a landing page? How will my business benefit from having one?

There are many types of landing pages, and many different reasons for why businesses use them. Our landing pages increase brand value and help make a good first impression, while aiming to convert those leads and lock in sales. We focus on functionality, mobile compatibility and user experience, aesthetically pleasing layouts, easy to navigate, great leads, and great call to actions.

Some landing pages that you are most familiar with may include:

-Website, New Products, or New Services Coming Soon
-Ebooks and Online Course Enrollment
-Email Subscription Newsletter
-Event Registration
-Early Bird Access
-Free Trials
-Community Membership

A landing page is space you can use to tell your visitors what you're offering, and how it can positively impact them. Even if a viewer doesn't immediately convert, a well-designed landing page can increase brand recognition and help nurture leads for future sales.

Landing Page Design Inspiration