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Thank you for choosing Bold Luxe Design as your  brand design agency. This questionnaire was designed for new clients who are ready to create an aesthetically pleasing, and fully functional website design. We are excited to get started!

Why our website services are worth investing.

When choosing to offer website design services to our clients we had a goal to offer an online experience that transcends the ordinary. Some entrepreneurs are really great at providing services, and can buy and sell products easy, but the website experience may not be their strongest suit. A really great website design requires a professional touch from someone who understands the process.  Your website is the primary tool for you to create a first impression on potential customers. Doing that right is what makes the difference between gaining a customer and losing one. A professionally designed website lets your customers know that you are serious about what you are offering. If your customers see an attractive and well-thought out design, they will immediately gain the impression that you are putting in all the effort into your business, which adds more credibility and trust to your brand as a whole. On the other hand, if they see an awful looking design, have a hard time understanding your brand's message, and can not locate the products they need, they will wonder if you put the same level of effort into your services or products as well.

A professional designer considers every factor that can affect a potential customer’s judgment of a business. You may get to see approaches that are even better than what you may have had in mind. The ultimate goal is for you to stand out among your competition and a professionally developed website can project that image effectively.

Clueless about the look?

We've attached website design, copy, and layout inspiration below. It's great to have inspiration to look at before diving in. This allows room for creativity and new ideas that will make your brand stand out.

Website Design Inspiration

What should I expect while filling out the form? What are the requirements?

This brand questionnaire form ask questions about your business and vision. We request a little bit more information during the onboarding process to ensure that we are designing effectively for each client. The more we know about your vision and mission, the better the results with be. It would be best to create a word document of your information to have in case you run into any issues while submitting this form. The form may not be submitted without full completion. Your copy (all desired text and information) must be typed into the form. Photos of text desired to use for your copy will not be accepted. If your form has been submitted successfully, you will receive a success message. We will also email you after we have received and reviewed your brand form. Please allow up to 2 working days for your confirmation email. Shall we have any questions or request based on your submission, we will email you. You may not submit any content or photos at a later date, unless the designer has agreed to do so.

Would you like to add on copywriting services for your website?
We'll help take the load off by offering professional copy for your brand's website. This includes home page content text, banner text, common frequently asked questions, generated standard shipping policy, product descriptions, and more. We save you the hassle, time, and headache of not knowing what to say, or how to convey your message clearly. Share with us, as many details as possible about your brand, and we'll be happy to spice things up a bit for you.


Upload Logo Image

You will receive a different form link to submit your brand main photos to be used across the website. As well as your product or service photos, prices, and description. Both forms must be submitted within a 24 hour time for acceptance. The form will be linked in the email that this form has been sent in.

** After your form has been submitted. Visit your shopify or wix store front and add Bold Luxe Design Studio as a staff on your account. We must have full access to your online store dashboard for settings, themes, apps, contacts, products, marketing, etc. Select all permissions when granting access to avoid project delays.


Please do so immediately after submitting your form. If you do not have a shopify or wix account; sign up on shopify or wix for a free trial. You do not have to make any changes to your website domain url just yet, or select your plan. We will assist you. Our email is .  Learn how to add a staff member via shopify here. Learn how to add a staff member via wix here. **

Your form has been successfully submitted. We'll be in touch when drafts are ready!

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